Some hightlights - summer 2003 - at

The Othona Community, Bradwell on Sea, Essex

I promised to publish some highlights of Art Week and the 2003 YAP now VAP (Youth/Volunteer Action for Peace) project
... here they are:


YAPs (now VAPs) ( + other project helpers)

The best YAPs we had in 2003 (you can see the bigger 225k version if you click on image)

With their main project in 2003: restoring an old army hut still used as overflow accomodation

Alexey's Fall (you can see the bigger 278k version if you click on image)

See a YAP falling of a playground structure created by a YAP group several years go.

Art Week

Sculptures made from Mud and Junk on Beach   (you can see the bigger 554k version if you click on image)

On two days we made mud and junk (from the beach) sculptures on the beaches

Sculptures made from Junk on Beach and Paintings done with Mob   (you can see the bigger 407k version if you click on image)

On two other days we made more suffisticated junk (from the beach) sculptures and also used a mob for painting.

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