Martin Riemer's CV

Martin Riemer

Produced and born in 1952 in and around Hamburg
Since 1952: Living in Pinneberg (20 km {about 13 miles} west of Hamburg)
1959-1972: School ( Carl-Eitz-Schule now Grund- und Gemeinschaftsschule der Stadt Pinneberg (GUGS), Johannes-Brahms-Schule, Theodor-Heuss-Schule ) in Pinneberg (see also "Silver-Abi")
1972-1976: Further studies (Technical Informatics) at the FH Wedel (PTL) finishing with a Dipl.Ing. which is similar to an M.S.E.E.
since 1976: Staff member of the late medical work group F58/UKE at DESY and then the IMDM/IDV later IMI now ICNS
{briefly interupted in 1980/1 by national service (as a consciencious objecter)}

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